PAME: Brutal repression against Greek workers in shipyards!

The Executive Secretariat of PAME denounces the brutal attack of the forces of repression against the workers in shipyards that are people who have families; they are unpaid for many months and were asking to have jobs and wages to live their families. 

The atrocity of the sell-out of the shipyards to the several capitalists, the shrinkage and the closure of production units for the benefit of the capitalists can only be imposed through brutal measures. 

The Executive Secretariat of PAME calls upon the trade unions, the workers to decisively, militantly support the workers in shipyards.

The workers in tens of factories of the metal sector are unpaid and without jobs. For this reason PAME calls upon the workers and the trade unions of metal sector to demand and decide to go on strike mobilization of the sector, through general meetings and other mass procedures, overcoming the subjugated bureaucracy of the majority of the POEM (Panhellenic Federation of Workers in Metal Sector) and of certain trade unions. 

Massive, decisive, coordinated action now first of all within the factories and the workplaces.


PAME (All workers Militant front)

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