Neil Young on the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death!

For Neil Young, who wrote the album Sleeps With Angels following Cobain's suicide, the rock vet still feels remorse that he – or anyone – couldn't reach out to the Nirvana frontman during his time of need.  

To this day, he still knows what he would have told Cobain had he gotten the chance. "I think it's sad that he didn't have anybody to talk to that could've talked to him and said, 'I know what you're going through, but it's not too bad,'" he said. "'It really isn't bad. Just [expletive] blink and it will be gone. Everything will be all right. You've got a lot of other things to do. Why don't you just take a break? Don't worry about all these [expletive] who want you to do all this (expletive) you don't want to do. Just stop doing everything. Tell them to get [expletive] and stay away.' That's it. That's what I would have told him if I had the chance. And I almost got a chance, but it didn't happen." 

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