The Secret Life of the..Cats!

In the documentary The Secret Life of the Cat, the largest experiment of its kind, taking place in a picturesque Surrey village,  50 cats were fitted with GPS collars to track their every movement, and cat-cams to record their unique view of the world.

Although cats do not stray far from home - the largest roaming range was shown to be 600ft from the owner's home - they are more than happy to sneak into a neighbour’s house in the dead of night to steal food, it was discovered. 

By tracking the movements of each cat over 24 hours, the programme makers, in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, were able to create individual maps of the cats' comings and going. Ten of these have been collated into an amazing interactive map.

This film reveals that the relationship between cats and their owners isn't quite what we imagine...The Telegraph

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  1. Θα το δω παρέα με το γάτο μου τον Θανάση! :-)
    (μιλάς με ένα φανατικό γατόφιλο)

    1. spiral architect

      Eλπιζω να σου αρεσει οπως και του ...Θαναση! :))
      (παρομοιως γατοφιλη!) :)


"Tα ...πολλά λόγια δεν ειναι...φτώχεια! (Οι νεοφιλελευθερες,... ''σοσιαλδημοκρατικές'' και ..φασιστικές πολιτικες, ομως;)